Duties and Responsibilities of the Department for Cultural Affairs &Cultural Centers

• Taking the necessary measures for the development and management of cultural centers, libraries, and House of Quran, and supervising the cultural centers of the region.

• Adopting the necessary arrangements for holding ceremonies and speeches, celebrations, and national and religious activities in cooperation with other relevant divisions.

• Taking the necessary measures to hold public conferences related to cultural affairs and seasonal and thematic cultural festivals.

• Providing executive solutions for the development of private sector trade union activities in cultural and artistic affairs.

• Communicating with cultural institutions and centers in the region to obtain their opinions and suggestions.

• Preparing the necessary indicators to assess the cultural and artistic status of the region, calculate and improve them.

• Preparing the identity card for cultural and artistic centers, both public and private, and supervising the process of improving the quality of cultural and artistic activities.

• Planning and supervising educational and artistic courses in cultural centers (designing, painting, music, filmmaking, etc.).

• Taking the necessary measures to issue licenses and monitor trade union activities related to cultural affairs (such as the press and media, supply centers for cultural goods and services, etc.).

• Compiling and submitting expert and statistical reports related to cultural affairs.

• Performing other tasks assigned by the manager.


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