Objectives & Duties

   Investigating Kish women's condition and issues to identify their needs and priorities in coordination with relevant units,

-  Developing and presenting the necessary plans to improve and enhance women's condition and strengthen women's participation in social and cultural activities,

-  Reviewing and monitoring the performance of institutions and organizations related to women's affairs to increase the ability to use their existing facilities,

 - Planning and coordinating to enrich women's leisure time based on the existing facilities,

-  Taking the necessary measures to empower and improve the level of knowledge and awareness of Kish women, especially in education and health issues,

 - Compiling and presenting expert and statistical reports related to women's affairs,

 - Performing other tasks assigned by the management,

-  Identifying successful women on Kish Island by introducing and supporting them to create more motivation,

-  Strengthening women culturally to protect the family and its growth and excellence,

- Examining practical solutions to remove barriers, deprivations, and discrimination against women's rights in cooperation with other organizations and organs,

-  Studying the issues, problems, and shortcomings of the women's community on the island based on the priorities and needs,

 - Participating in related meetings and gatherings.


معاونت فرهنگی و اجتماعی سازمان منطقه آزاد کیش بانی امور فرهنگی و هنری، در سطح جزیره کیش می باشد. که نظارت بر کلیه فعالیت های فرهنگی و هنری در این جزیره کیش را به عهده دارد.

تماس با ما

جزیره کیش، میدان سنایی، بلوار اندیشه، ساختمان بساک معاونت فرهنگی و اجتماعی سازمان منطقه آزاد کیش

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