Duties and Responsibilities of Cultural & Educational Affairs Management

• Planning for cultural development and institutionalizing the citizenship culture in society.

•   Planning and implementation of necessary measures to develop general, technical and vocational education and higher education in line with the policies and goals of Kish Free Zone Organization.

• Monitoring public and non-profit schools and technical and vocational institutes in order to continuously improve and enhance their performance and activities.

• Planning and implementing the necessary measures for the development and management of cultural centers and libraries in order to provide the necessary facilities and amenities for the optimal and fruitful leisure time of citizens, especially youth and families.

• Planning and taking the necessary measures to develop and promote the culture of the Qur'an and Etrat in society and promote public participation in this field.

• Adopting the necessary arrangements for holding cultural ceremonies and speeches, celebrations and national and religious events in coordination with other relevant institutions and divisions.

• Monitoring the performance of all cultural activities for tourists and residents in cooperation and coordination with other relevant divisions.

• Planning to promote cultural activities through public conferences related to cultural and artistic affairs with participation of companies, subsidiaries and the private sector.

• Studying and planning seasonal and thematic cultural festivals.

• Creating grounds for the development of private sector trade union activities in the field of cultural affairs.

• Planning the preparation and compilation of cultural products and publishing them in various written, visual and audio media.

• Preparing the necessary indicators to assess, calculate, and update the cultural and artistic status of the region.

• Preparing the identity card for both public and private cultural centers, and monitoring the process of improving the quality of cultural and artistic activities.

• Monitoring the establishment, maintenance and development of public and private educational centers and preparing the necessary reports.

• Communicating with the educational institutions of the region in order to obtain their opinions and suggestions.

• Monitoring and controlling the quality level of private institutes in cooperation with relevant departments and institutions.

• Preparing the identity card for all educational centers, both governmental and non-profit, and monitoring the process of improving the quality of Department of Education's activities and higher education centers.

• Adopting the necessary arrangements for holding training workshops for different groups according to the goals and programs of Kish Free Zone Organization and with the cooperation of relevant institutions and departments.

• Preparing and compiling annual budgets required for related plans and projects to be submitted to the Deputy Director.

• Performing other tasks assigned by the Deputy Director.


Kish Free Zone Organization's Deputy for Cultural & Social Affairs is the founder of cultural and artistic affairs on Kish Island, which oversees all cultural and artistic activities on the island of Kish.

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