Duties and Responsibilities of Department for Monitoring Educational Centers

• Supervising the establishment, maintenance, and development of public and private educational centers and preparing the necessary expert reports.

• Communicating with the educational institutions of the region to obtain their opinions and suggestions.

• Preparing the necessary reports to adopt appropriate policies for the promotion and development of public education, including preschool, elementary, secondary, technical and vocational courses, and vocational training.

• Supervision and quality control of scientific and free schools with the cooperation of relevant departments and institutions.

• Preparing the necessary indicators to assess, calculate, and update the educational status of the region.

• Preparing identity cards for all educational centers, both governmental and non-profit, and monitoring the process of improving the quality of education activities and higher education centers.

• Defining related study and research plans and projects and monitoring the implementation of study projects entrusted to the consultant.

• Adopting the necessary arrangements for holding training workshops for different groups according to the goals and programs of the organization with the cooperation of relevant institutions and divisions.

• Compiling and submitting expert and statistical reports related to educational affairs.

• Taking the necessary measures to issue licenses and supervising trade union activities related to educational affairs.

• Performing other tasks assigned by the manager


Kish Free Zone Organization's Deputy for Cultural & Social Affairs is the founder of cultural and artistic affairs on Kish Island, which oversees all cultural and artistic activities on the island of Kish.

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