Laws related to women

1- Principles 10-20 and 21 of the Constitution

 2- Charter of Women's Rights

 3- Sixth Development Plan (Article 2, Article 70, and Article 116)

 4- Article and executive regulations of Article 101

 5- Objectives and principles of forming a family

 6- Policies and strategies to promote women's health

 7- Policies to promote women's participation in higher education

 8- General population policies

 9- General family policies

 10- Gender justice indicators

 11- Law on reducing the working hours of working women with special conditions

 12- Laws related to women and children in the first three decades of the revolution in the Islamic Consultative Assembly

 13- Convention on the Rights of the Child

 14- Article 31 of the Sixth Development Plan bill

 15- Communication indicators of the National Headquarters for Women and Family affairs

 16- Women and Family Affairs Development Comprehensive program

 17- National document on the security of women and children in social relations

 18- UN resolution on the world without violence and extremism led by women and mothers

 19- Charter of Citizenship Rights regarding Women, Articles  3 - 11 - 54 - 83 - 89 - 90

 20- Articles 44-46-71-222 and 230 of the Fifth Development Plan


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