Mir Mahna Public Library

Mir Mohanna Public Library, with an area of 300 square meters and 5748 books with 5181 titles, is located in the Sefffin area, adjacent to Arab Market. This library, with an area of 300 square meters, was opened in 2004 and has a study hall, computer site, and various classes.


Address: Mir Mohanna - Next to the Arab Market

Phone Numbers: +98 76 44432855 / +98 076 44432855


Kish Free Zone Organization's Deputy for Cultural & Social Affairs is the founder of cultural and artistic affairs on Kish Island, which oversees all cultural and artistic activities on the island of Kish.

Contact Us

Kish Cultural, Artistic and Social Deputy, Bassak Building, Andisheh St. Sanaee Sq., Kish Island

(076) 44455377
(076) 44455380